Description: Fierce Thunder Storm: Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Heavy Wind Ambience, Weather Rain;Storms & Natural Disasters;Thunder & Lightning;Wind

Description: Medium Rain, Weather Rain

Description: Rain, In Forest, Needle Forest, Water; Digiffects; Rain

Description: Heavy Rain On Wooden Porch Overhang Rain

Description: Rain, Light Rain with Medium & Close Birds Chirping In The Background, Very Peaceful.

Description: This was a nice rain we had that broke the heat wave back at the end of June and is so relaxing I thought some could use this as a sound clip for a few things.

Description: Light, On Pavement, Weather Rain

Description: Light Rain, Thunder In B/G, Weather Rain;Thunder & Lightning

Description: Heavy, On Lake, Water Splashing On Dock, Weather Rain

Description: Rain; Steady Rain On Leaves With Occasional Thunder And Light Birds.

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