Description: Highway ambience. Cars and trucks passing by.

Description: Parking Garage Interior, W Electrical Buzz And Low End Rumble.

Description: Traffic; City; Noisy City Traffic With Close Up Birds.

Description: Interior Car Driving Fast On Wet Road, Two Lanes In One Direction, Window Open. Interior Rumble With Light Rattles, Wet Hiss Outside, Truck By Same Direction At Tail.

Description: One Way Street Traffic Bys, Medium Busy. Sound Bounces Off Buildings. Cars And Trucks By Close A Few Horn Honks Including Medium Truck Horn Bus Start, Variety Of Brake Squeaks. Multiple Bys, The.

Description: Traffic Gridlock; Airport 1 Heavy Close Up Brake Squeaks, Busy Bus And Car Bys.

Description: TRAFFIC BIG CITY: EXT B/G: Times square traffic jam, constant horns.

Description: Light Traffic In Tunnel With City Wash, Doppler Horn, And Car Bys.

Description: A winter city ambience. There are snow and slush on the streets.

Description: City ambience, cars, trains, honks, brake whistle, seagulls