Description: Highway with car passing by on wet pavement with light rain in background. Car By, Rain Wet Bys Wet Traffic.

Description: Highway with cars passing by quickly during a steady rain. Car By, Rain Wet Bys Wet Traffic.

Description: Car By Slow, Cu On Wet Pavement with Some Engine Sputter.

Description: Light Traffic, Interior Point Of View, Closed Window, Street side Building. Muffled Cars By Trucks By, Street Cleaner By At 1; 28.

Description: Traffic; City; Distant Busy City Traffic. Early Evening.

Description: Medium Busy Traffic Bys On Fast Two-lane Road Or Highway. ( No Walla Or Background ) . Sound Bounces Off Wall On Far Side Of Road. Tire Definition, Light Clunks Over Metal Strip In Road. Cars And Track.

Description: Ambience: Suburban Street with Birds And Light Car Bys.