Description: Summer Meadow, Flies And Birds, Environment, Ambience, Insect; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps

Description: Nepal: Late Night Ambience, People In Street, Distant Dogs, Foreign World Ambiences, Africa

Description: Market, Outdoors, Hum Of Voices, Jerusalem; Digiffects; World Ambiences; Israel; Markets & Bazaars

Description: India: Busy Evening Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Voices, Scooters, Bicycle Bells, Foreign World Ambiences, India

Description: Broadleaf Forest, Environment, Ambience, Birds, Europe -Summer; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps; Birds

Description: Western Town Ambience: Horses, Wagons, People, Dog Harbors & Beaches

Description: Coffee shop background ambience. People chatting, cash register beeping, and occasional sounds of coffee cups.

Description: Night Ambience: Crickets, Frogs, Swamp Forests, Jungles & Swamps

Description: General Ambience: Birds, Insects, Light Wind Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Birds, Forest, Winter, Sweden; Digiffects; Forests, Jungles & Swamps