Description: Birds in foreground, barking dog far away. Recorded in the Chianti area in Tuscany, Italy

Description: Sound of a busy market with sellers and crowd noise loopable for constant play. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: Distant rumble of city traffic, occasional distant siren of police cars. Some cars more in the foreground. Loop ready.

Description: Sound of a small mall shopping centre with building ambiance and echoing shoppers footsteps and voices.Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: The summer forest ambience with wind in trees.

Description: From the 42second floor, buzz of the city

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience or sound effect recording of a suburban environment during the spring or summer. Birds are chirping, the breeze is gently blowing through the tress, a distant lawn mower cuts grass, and an airplane flies across the sky.

Description: Multiple species of frogs calling during spring mating on Florida lake. Distant and close calls, large stereo field. Seamless looping.

Description: City noises from the 42second floor. buzz of the city,

Description: This is a stereo recording the late Summer season buzz and chirps of many different species of insects. It's a distant recording at night in a dark forested wetland in central New Hampshire USA. Edited for lopping.

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