Description: Counstruction site in downtown

Description: Ambient room tone of a shopping mall. People and some music can be heard in background.

Description: Man With Megaphone, Pa, Public Address System, Street Environment, Ambience, Traffic, Busy, Thailand; Digiffects; World Ambiences; Thailand; City & Urban Ambiences; Announcements & Speeches

Description: Various Ambience created through sound manipulation in FMOD

Description: Ambient nature sounds of a night in Costa Rica. Quiet animal noise can be heard throughout.

Description: Clean, gentle crickets trill with nice stereo feel. JO


Description: A mix of leaves skitter across the ground, blown by a gust of wind. Also works for wind through trees with defined leaves. Stereo field recording.

Description: BattleShips_SEU03.2 ambience, warfare, ships, cannon, battle, distant

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