Description: Wall Street New York City external ambience (version 1) - people walk and talk, one car passes close-by and traffic and general city noise in background (medium busy).

Description: Stansted airport (England) baggage reclaim area ambience (version 2) - loud mechanical noise of carrousels/conveyor belts operating - baggage trolleys being pushed and people walk and talk in background.

Description: Town centre ambience - very quiet - bus and light traffic passes with other bus engines ideling close-by - people talking and shouting close-by.

Description: Busy English bar/pub ambience (version 2) people talking and laughing.

Description: New York City subway station ambience - people walk and talk close-by and in background, train pulls into station people disembark and train pulls away followed by other trains pulling into and out of station.

Description: New York City subway station ambience - general ambience with people walking and talking close-by and in background and trains pulling in and out of station.