Description: Ambient room tone of a shopping mall. People and some music can be heard in background.

Description: Department Store, Hum Of Voices, Environment, Ambience, Shop; Digiffects; Shops & Stores

Description: Created dramatic effects of buildings collapsing or breaking

Description: Courtroom Gallery: Crowd Murmur And Reactions, Gavel Hits Ambience Courtrooms

Description: Trading Floor Ambience, Crowd Office Ambiences

Description: Convenience Store: General Ambience, Cash Register, Voices, Crowd Shops & Stores

Description: Activity,Shopping Mall,Pre-Open,Workers,Lite

Description: Corner Store, Old Fashioned, Busy, Usa, Shop; Digiffects; Shops & Stores

Description: Busy Department Store: Register, Voices, Footsteps Ambience, Crowd Shops & Stores

Description: Store Ambience On Busy Street, Traffic Shops & Stores

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