Description: Clock Shop Ambience: Many Clocks Ticking With Various Occasional Chimes Shops & Stores

Description: General Ambience, B/G Voices, Footsteps, Vent Hum Office Ambiences

Description: Medium Conference Room: Ventilation Noise Ambience Room Tones

Description: Bed Room, Environment, Ambience, Ambience; Digiffects; Room Tones

Description: Convention Hall: Heavy Ventilation Rumble Ambience, Close Perspective Conventions & Reception Halls

Description: Roomtone Ambience: Medium Theatre: Low Rumble With Ventilation, Theater Room Tones

Description: Roomtone,Fans,Lite,Neutral

Description: Large School Gymnasium: Light Hum And Ventilation Ambience Room Tones

Description: Roomtone Ambience: Underground Parking Garage: Distant Ventilation, Light Water Drips Room Tones

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