Description: Recording made near an airport of an airplane that fly straight over my head.

Description: Military Air Base: C-130 Turbo Props Idle And Taxi By Fighter Jets & Bombers

Description: passenger jet flies right overhead.

Description: Activity,Plane,Passenger Cabin,Loading Bags,Overhead Compartments 1

Description: A small airplane going by in a quiet back yard in MO.

Description: Activity,Plane,Passenger Cabin,Seatbelts,Clicking,Moves 1

Description: Aircraft Hangar, W Tool Activity, Light Walla, Whistling.

Description: Activity,Plane,Food Cart,Rolling,Compartment Open-Closes,Moves

Description: Steady aircraft lavatory background ambience.

Description: Baggage Claim, Motor Of Luggage Conveyor Belt, No Walla, Close POV.

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