Description: Ceremonial solemn fanfare played trumpets, timpani, snare drum, big drum and cymbals.

Description: These dismal chimes of enormous clock fit for creating dark medieval ambience in your works.

Description: If you need the sound of ancient Russian folk instruments in your modern musical composition, just take this track and use it (tree 4/4 measures and fourth 2/4 one - variable measure is so typical for folk music)! Fit for DJs, sound designers or composers...

Description: knocking on various subjects, suitable as a living, or percussion sound for games, commercials or program

Description: Energetic drums solo in rock style.

Description: sound of a chinese tiger gong

Description: Big electronic sound track. Sound Effects and Royalty Free Sound Effects for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: Ukulele loop 140 bpm for your creative projects. The combination of chords in C Major, F Major, G Major. Thank you for your purchase.

Description: You can use their various projects.

Description: You can use their various projects.Perfect for DJs, musicians and producers. Tempo - 140bpm.

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