Description: A beautiful choir accompanied by a smooth melody played by bells. It creates an ambiance of peace and quietude.

Description: Rising melodic sound performed by choir. It creates ambiance for transitions, revelations, spiritual or enlightenment moments, games, cartoons and more.

Description: Timpani hits in a crescendo movement with accent at the end.

Description: Subtle sound transition performed by a choir.

Description: Angelic choir singing a chord progression. It conveys an ambiance of heaven, discovery and revelation.

Description: A heavenly choir of angels. A minor chord sung by choral voices that rises and fades away slowly. This sound effect can be used in a wide variety of comic and serious media productions.

Description: Chord performed with a full choir. Suitable for games, cartoons, radio and tv sound design and post production.

Description: An uplifting melody performed by a church choir.

Description: Chord progression with full choir sound, indicating reveal, miracle, or ending.

Description: Smooth melody performed by choir. It provides ambiance for transition or revelation and is suitable for media related to spirituality, religion, meditation, well-being, peace and more.

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