Description: Hushed presence of large audience in fairly reverberant space. Coughs near the end. Light creaks and shuffles. Nice texture for concert, courtroom, auditorium etc.

Description: Quiet, smooth, air from an interior room which can be of various sizes. Stereo recording. No voices or extraneous movement.

Description: Organic source, hollow drone in stereo.

Description: Junior High to High School mixed voices. Fairly subtle.

Description: Hallway ambience of large prison. Not too busy. Stereo

Description: Background sound with quiet male and female voice. Largely indistinct. Some mvt and rustling. Stereo. Nice fill.

Description: Busy sewing machine sweatshop. Lots of machinery. Stereo.

Description: Large audience settles in with non distinct bg voices, light movements.

Description: Nice detail as elevator travels up/down. Stereo.

Description: Classroom activity without voices. Clean pencil, paper, pen movements. Stereo.

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