Description: An orchestra tuning up their instruments while an audience start to fill up an auditorium

Description: Mid-morning in a famous European produce market. Vendors and shoppers in the echoey hall.

Description: Ambience from inside the Courtyard Gallery at Somerset House, London during the Toulouse Lautec exhibition

Description: Local Korean restaurant. Wait staff, customers, dishes, movements. No music.

Description: Ambience at lunch time in the famouse George Inn coach house at Southwark, London with people chatting, glasses etc

Description: In a quiet room, the wind buffets outside. Subtle yet evocative. Some gentle movements inside. Otherwise all is still. Stereo field recording. Long take with non repeated surges of different intensities.

Description: Starting engine then putting on seatbelt, driving on dual carriage way to around 70mph internal sounds of car driving

Description: The vending machine area of a university with international students. Constant vending drone and changing panorama of students.

Description: Ambience from walking from one end of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel to the other. With voices, footsteps, bicycles etc

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