Description: Interior stereo recording of distant traffic. Medium size room. Stereo. Room tone.

Description: Busy restaurant dining sounds with lively ambience

Description: Large, gallery like space with light mvt, fs, room tone presence. Stereo.

Description: Classroom of male and female students chat among themselves while the teacher prepares her lesson at her desk. Stereo.

Description: Medium large audience murmurs with some movements. Waiting for performance. Stereo.

Description: Organic source, hollow drone in stereo.

Description: Another take of an old wood elevator. Different stereo micing from a previous take that has been posted. Nice stereo ambiance. Sliding wood doors on roller open and close. Travels up and then down.

Description: Empty wood floor dance studio. Light air. Room tone recording. Clean. Stereo.

Description: Hallway ambience of large prison. Not too busy. Stereo

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