Description: Ambience from basement, hissing pipes, dripping, clanking from expansion of pipes, buzz from neon lighting

Description: Park Lage Rio Janeiro, Laundry the Slave interior water flowing

Description: Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, after midnight in the gate area waiting for a red eye flight

Description: Ambience from the main entrance of the V&A Museum, South kensington, London.

Description: Botanical Garden Rio de Janeiro Archaeological Museum home of the pylons Imperials interior bg distant rushing water environment

Description: General ambience from inside the chimpanzee house at Chester Zoo, Cheshire, England, with voices etc

Description: Busy with voices. No locker slams. Nice tone. Stereo.

Description: Ambience from inside the boarding station for the Grand National, rollercoaster ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Description: Botanical Garden Rio de Janeiro Orchidarium empty interior bg environment

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