Description: Hydraulic Door Or Press Set; Hydraulics, Servos & Robotics

Description: Distant Metal Hits With Metal Press Industries & Factories

Description: Conveyor System: Assembly Line: Running Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Conveyor Belt: Running, Factory Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Outflow, Outdoors, Cleaning, Machine, Big, Version 3; Industries & Factories; Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Fan, Factory, Outdoors, City; Industries & Factories; Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Large Factory: Deep Rumbling Moan And Echo, 2 Takes, Engines, Motors & Machines, Industries & Factories

Description: Haymaking, Machine, Elite 402, Engine, Wont Start, 7 Versions; Digiffects; Farm Equipment

Description: Farming Machinery, Baling Machine, Driving Away; Digiffects; Farm Equipment

Description: Wall Impact With Debris, Continuous Building, Elevator & Ceiling Crashes