Description: A huge sound of an industrial air rush creating a very dark and scary background ambiance. Ideal for futuristic, Industrial science fiction projects or games.

Description: A miner hammering a metal chisel against rock inside a large cavernous space until the mine collapses.

Description: A slow moving heavy steam powered pump that loops making a seamless industrial rhythm.

Description: Industrial generic spinning grinding wheel that is looped. Uses as knife sharpening, stone grinding, polishing etc.

Description: Big industrial steam powered steam door closes with a bang. Ideal for games.

Description: Mechanical rumbling of moving, crushing rocks make a large atmospheric ambiance.

Description: Pounding steam driven industrial hammer, loop ready for constant industrial revolution.

Description: Choppy sound of ice and water being slushed in a machine.

Description: A large industrial metal framed industrial building being demolished.

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Genres: Sound Effects , Industrial Miscellaneous

Description: Mechanical sound of a spiral, metallic cutting blade boring into earth.