Description: Demolition Blast, Construction Construction & Demolition Ambiences

Description: Indoor Television Studio: Set Construction, Very Light Ambience, No Voices, Tv Construction & Demolition Ambiences

Description: Heavy Gas Hiss Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Blacksmith Shop: Single Worker Hammering, Blow Torch In Background Industries & Factories;Hammers

Description: Close up rhythmic churning of a large metallic machine.

Description: Wharf, Ship Yard, Environment, Ambience, Hammer, Welding, Industry, Tools; Digiffects; Harbors & Beaches

Description: Mechanical Workshop, Metalworking, Environment, Ambience, Industry, Workshop; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Vintage Manual Powered Chain And Gear Lift: Start, Run, Stop; Winches & Pulleys

Description: Industry Furnace Room Loop Ambience.

Description: Conveyor Belt: Start, Run, Stop, Close Up Of Gears, Factory Factory & Industrial Equipment