Description: an ambience of a working paint shop with various machines working.

Description: Service Bay Ambience: Air Guns, Ventilation, Light Voices Gas & Service Station


Description: Sorting Plant: General Ambience: Heavy Plant Roar, Factory Industries & Factories

Description: Theatrical Wind Machine: Long Continuous Version Of Varying Slow Intensities, Theater, Theatre Wind

Description: Bottling Plant: General Ambience, Distant Bottles, Machines, Air Releases; Industries & Factories, Engines, Motors & Machines, Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Blacksmith Shop: Single Worker Hammering, Blow Torch In Background Industries & Factories;Hammers

Description: Wharf, Ship Yard, Environment, Ambience, Hammer, Welding, Industry, Tools; Digiffects; Harbors & Beaches

Description: Mechanical Workshop, Metalworking, Environment, Ambience, Industry, Workshop; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: FactoryStamping_S011IN.263 industry, factory, stamping, machine, industrial, size, general, motors, gm, loop

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