Description: A miner hammering a metal chisel against rock inside a large cavernous space until the mine collapses.

Description: Pump house regulating water pressure, gushing water under pressure

Description: Industry Welding Machine Generator On Run Off.

Description: Blacksmith Working On Anvil, Hammer, Anvil Industries & Factories;Other Hand Tools

Description: Pulley And Chain Working, Factory Winches & Pulleys

Description: Mechanical hum ambience from a car ferry.

Description: Milk Processing Plant, Packaging Rolls, Rolls Of Paper, Machines, Factory, Industry; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Coffee Plant, Factory, Packaging Area, Environment, Ambience, Version 1, Machines, Industry; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Vintage Manual Powered Chain And Gear Lift: Start, Run, Stop; Winches & Pulleys

Description: Conveyor Belt: Start, Run, Stop, Close Up Of Gears, Factory Factory & Industrial Equipment

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