Description: Grinding Mulch Machine; Grinding Wood Chips Into Sawdust ( Mulch ) .

Description: Elevator Servo Motor 1; With Various Electronic Switching And Motor Whir With Speed Changes, Slow To Stop; Reverberant.

Description: Tree Planter Working; Motor Noises / Mechanical Clanks, Medium Perspective.

Description: Gas Powered Generator; Medium; Electric Generator; On / Slow Wind Up / Medium Pitched Whine And Rhythmic Metallic Clatter / Off / Quick Spin Down, Medium Perspective.

Description: Warehouse Fan; Large Industrial Fan; On / Steady / Off / Slow Wind Down, Loud Low Frequency Clunk When Turned Off, Close Perspective.

Description: Wood Lathe; Very Slowly Spin Up To Speed, Rhythmic Clicking In Background, Off With Relatively Quick Spin Down, Close Perspective.

Description: Steady Machine Hum And Whirring With Steam Blasts In Reverberant Space.

Description: Ride; Circular Hydraulic Ride Starts And Operates With Metallic Clanks And Machine Whir.

Description: Ride; Carousel Operates With Metallic And Wooden Clanks.