Description: A miner hammering a metal chisel against rock inside a large cavernous space until the mine collapses.

Description: Blacksmith Working On Anvil, Hammer, Anvil Industries & Factories;Other Hand Tools

Description: Bottling Factory: Bottles On Assembly Line, Ambience Industries & Factories

Description: Metallic rhythmic clanking whirring cogs, pistons and wheels. Factory machine ambience

Description: Wall Impact With Debris, Continuous Building, Elevator & Ceiling Crashes

Description: Large Oil Rig, Pipes Clang As Joined, Voices Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Sound of: warehouse unloading ambience

Description: Metal Stress Creaks And Pressurized Steam Pipe Burst And Leak; Shut Off Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Humming air conditioners looping background

Description: calm industrial area at night

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