Description: Baby Sniffling, Whines And Cries Light Snorts And Fussing, X4.

Description: Coffee Pot Heat On Open; Light Metal Taps Of Pot Onto Fire With Small Sizzle And Fire Crackles. Close-up.

Description: Sound of: real newborn baby first voice

Description: BABY TWELVE MONTH OLD GIRL: INT: Playing happily.

Description: Excited children scream while playing in water fountain in indoor pool.

Description: Sound of: crying small girl - little angry

Description: Baby, Child, Laughing, Giggle, Happy, Human; Digiffects; Children Or Babies Voices Only; Laughter

Description: Crying, Hard, Human Children Or Babies Voices Only

Description: Young woman chuckling and laughing

Description: sound of a baby crying ideal for projects were a infants cry is required