Description: Shush: Long, Female Female Only Human Voices;Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Quivering Vocal Shiver, Comedy, Cartoon Comedy Headshakes, Shivers & Warbles

Description: Person Sliding Slowly Down Slope, Small Pebble And Gravel Surface; Stone, Pavement, Concrete & Cement Footsteps

Description: Human Element Male Middle Age Sip Slurp Refreshing Ah 01.

Description: Human Element Sip Soup 01.

Description: A crush of people stomping and clapping

Description: This is the sound of footsteps walking across the floor.

Description: Sound of: man crawling on carpet

Description: Rubbing Hands Together, Wiping Motion; Human Impact Foley

Description: Rubbing Hands Together; Human Impact Foley

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