Description: Shovel Dig Gravel; Digs With Shovel Into Dirt / Rocks - Fling Away With Some Metal Ring And Debris Falling. Medium.

Description: Pick Ax Impacts; Metal Hits Into Dirt / Rock Surface With Light Metal Slide On Dirt And Debris. Slight Reverberant Quality. Medium.

Description: Gas Leaf Blower: Start, Run, Stop, Gardening Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Metal Tool Box, Shuffling Through Contents.

Description: Drill Electric Broken; On, Straining Modulating Grinds As It Drills, Off.

Description: Electric Sander: Steady Motor with High Pitch Whine.

Description: Electric Drill; Electric Drill Start, Run And Switch Off.

Description: Lathe; Lathe Or Such Start, Run And Switch Off.

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