Description: Rocking Chair, Wood Floor, Squeeky, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Household Furniture

Description: Indoor Fireplace: Crackling And Popping Fireplaces

Description: WeedWackerRun_S011HS.168 household, weed, wacker, pull, start, run, rev, off

Description: Mantle Clock: Ticking Household Furniture

Description: General Dish Noise At Dinner Table Ambience Kitchen & Dining Room

Description: Run Water, Turn Shower On, Person Showering, Shut Off, Ambience Bathroom

Description: Shower Room, Public Bath, Environment, Ambience, Fans; Digiffects; Bathroom

Description: Residential Shower: Start, Run, Shut Off; Bathroom

Description: Residential Furnace: Start, Long Idle, Fan Runs And Shuts Down; Large Household Appliances

Description: Coffee Maker, Whole Sequence, Kitchen; Digiffects; Small Household Appliances; Kitchen & Dining Room

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