Description: Clock Tick 2 - Old clock tick

Description: Sausages Sizzling - Frying bangers in pan with fat spitting

Description: Clock Tick 1 - Slow tick - 1840 post office wall clock

Description: Locks with Keys Various - Locking and unlocking a variety of door locks

Description: Kettle boiling and Whistling - Kettle coming to the boil then whistling and turn off

Description: Pot Lids Ceramic Various - Lids on and off various jars and containers

Description: Sweeping with Road Broom - Various sweeping with stiff broom

Description: Screw Top Sweetie Jar - Old fashioned glass jar with screw lid - various moves

Description: Latch Doors Open and Close Various - Variety of interior wooden latch doors

Description: House Gate Metal with Squeaks - Open and Close various with latch - nice squeaking

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