Description: Horror Ambience Deep Dark Lair Creatures Growl Movement 01.

Description: A scary rumbling effect that makes one feel of a bad presence.

Description: Music effects and instrument sounds

Description: Horror Demonic Presence Swell 01.

Description: Horror Drone Ambient Dark Desolate 01.

Description: Horror Bed Curse Ghost Summon 01.

Description: Spell / Potion Takes Effect Version 3; Eerie Dreamy Voices As Potion Slowly Works On The Psyche.

Description: Metal, Horror, Creaky, Squeaky, Sheet Metal, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Torture & Horror

Description: Female Moan; Eerie Processed Woman Breaths And Moans.

Description: Sequence: Switches, Transformer Hum, Then Fry!

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