Description: Blood Splat, 2 Takes, Torture & Horror

Description: Axe Hit Into Body, Hard Hit, Flesh Torture & Horror;Knives

Description: Heavy Swish And Impact, Horror Torture & Horror

Description: Head Falling To Ground, Foley, Human Torture & Horror

Description: Ripping Out Internal Organs And Drop; Human Impact Foley, Cut, Tear & Rip Foley, Torture & Horror

Description: Knife Throw And Hit Knives

Description: Hiss, Metal, Environment, Ambience, High, Horror, Sci Fi, Version 1; Digiffects; Torture & Horror; Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: Axe Chop Into Body; Human Impact Foley, Chop, Stab & Slice Foley, Axes & Hatchets, Torture & Horror

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