Description: Eerie, creepy, spooky, scary, atmospheric ghostly sounds. The track then escalates to a high pitch where the ghosts come out. Recorded with Korg Triton Keyboards. Horror, suspence, thriller.

Description: Scary whisper / breathing sounds after processing, version 1

Description: A creaky door opens onto and closes from a house of horror that's loaded with scary SFX, ghostly apparitions, and where the paranormal is the norm. Inside there's synthesizer generated wind and spirit voices and plenty of chains, rain, thunder, scratching, bangs, and other unworldly nightmarish terror.

Description: Door, Squeaky, Creaky, Slow, Horror; Digiffects; Castle, Drawbridge & Stone Doors

Description: Horror Ghostly Swirls Eerie Haunting Poltergeist 01.

Description: A spooky stinger, maybe a ghost appears in a mirror or so.

Description: Spooky, ghostly, walking with chains. Jacob Marley's Ghost Footsteps

Description: Horror Ghost Movement Metallic Swell Haunting.

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