Description: Royalty-free sound effect. Perfect for apps, videogames, films, multimedia, audio logos, presentations, radio, web design and a whole lot more!

Description: Sound of: feedbacking creepy short ambience

Description: Horror Sound FX for Movies and Games

Description: Two segments of synthetic spectral sound transition. For eerie moments

Description: Eerie horror drone, discordant, unnerving

Description: Creepy dark drone. Very scary undertone for a horror project. 24 second duration

Description: deep rumbling eerie sound effect, use with caution!

Description: Premium cinematic bass rumble sound design.

Description: This is one sound out of a big pack that features several electric sounds, such as: a loud and solid sound effect that resembles the sound of a big engine that ping-pong echoes and seems to be turning off. This sound has the low end to break window panes, ready to use; a mixed sfx with a new-age touch and a loud an solid sound effect that resembles the sound of a crystal smashing the ground with a low background sound that makes the earth tremble.

Description: Scary Cat Calls, Heavy Reverberant Setting

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