Description: Thin Metal Sheet: Short Wobble, 3 Takes, Metal Foley, Miscellaneous Foley Actions

Description: Horror Distortion Scrape Demonic Scream 01.

Description: Horror Distortion Fuzz Vox Metallic High 01.

Description: Many layered unearthly scream reverberating through the depths of hell.

Description: Horror Distortion Scrape Demonic Scream 02.

Description: Cinematic film production horror sound effect.

Description: Intense futuristic electric disturbance

Description: This item contains powerful Demonic Voice Impact & Vox sounds that perfectly fit any ending of a trailer. Also perfect for radio imaging / broadcast purposes!

Description: Technological atmospheric sweeps.

Description: Heavy Distortion Signal: Heavy Crackling And Interference, Long Burst; Static

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