Description: This sound is perfect in horror film...

Description: The word "Nightmare" spoken in deep sinister voice.

Description: Sound of witch combat or fight moan. Usable in game, foley. Distance: mid close. Acoustic: processed

Description: Sound of: evil whispers group. Usable as: film, game. Distance: close. Acoustic: dry

Description: sound of scream kill horror. usable in foley, cartoon, media. distance: mid close. acoustic: dry

Description: sound of horror vampire kill or scare. usable for game, movie. distance: mid. acoustic: processed

Description: A scary voice saying "you will die!"

Description: A recording of a scary voice saying "you will die!"

Description: Dramatic, Saw Movie, Satanic, spooky weird, Great Scary Movie soundtrack,

Description: A horrible growl sound suitable for use mostly in horror movies, games, and cartoons.

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