Description: Military Tank Formation Moving Past And Off Into Distance; Battle Ambiences, Military Tanks

Description: Civil War Battle: Musket And Black Powder Cannon Fire, Voices, Drums Battle Ambiences

Description: Continuous Grenade Launcher Hits And Explosions, Distant Perspective Explosions & Bombs;Rocket Launchers & Rpgs

Description: Giat Aa52/Anf1 And Browning M2Hb Machine Guns: Continuously Firing Multiple Bursts, Close Perspective 1 Machine Gun Firing

Description: War, Machine Gun, Explosions, Shooting, Fire; Digiffects; Battle Ambiences

Description: War, Airplanes, Stukas, Explosions, Chaos, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Battle Ambiences

Description: Multiple military vehicles pass by on pavement. Vehicles, Jeep Motor, Engine Military Convoy.

Description: Intense Rifle Battle: Continuous Firing, Bullet Impacts And Ricochets Battle Ambiences

Description: Simulated: Machine Guns, Explosions, Tanks, Ambience Battle Ambiences

Description: Large 19Th Century Battle: Gunfire, Cannons, Horses Ambience, Sword Historical Ambiences

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