Description: Sound recording of a shotgun being cocked so it's ready to shoot. The classic threatening, "Don't move," sound effect.

Description: Shot Gun Cock And Fire With Some Reverb.

Description: Franchi, Spas 12, 12 Gauge Autoloading Shotgun: Single Shot Shotgun Firing

Description: 12 Gauge: Single Shot, Pump Shotgun Firing;Shotgun Foley

Description: Warfare Gun Spas-12 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun Single Shot Close Perspective 05.

Description: Mossberg M500 Pump Action Shotgun: Pump Action Shotgun Foley

Description: Warfare Gun Benelli M4 Semi Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun Single Shot Close Perspective 01.

Description: Warfare Gun Shotgun 12 Gauge Winchester Model 1897 Pump Action Single Shot Distant Perspective.

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