Description: Large Soldier Troop: Marching; Soldiers

Description: Flame Thrower, Weapon, Fire; Digiffects; Flame Throwers

Description: Footsteps, Orders Being Shouted, Marching, Soldiers Stone, Pavement, Concrete & Cement Footsteps;Miscellaneous Human Voices;Soldiers

Description: Large Troop: Constant Marching, Heavy Steps Soldiers

Description: Kraz 255B Military Cargo Truck: Ext: Approach, Pull Up, Idle; Military Tanks, Transport & Mack Trucks, Car Drive Towards

Description: Several Muskets Fire, Cannons, Battle Rifle Foley

Description: Military Battle: Gunfire, Explosions, Fighter Jet And Helicopter Fly Bys Battle Ambiences

Description: Medium Tempo, Equipment Rattle Soldiers

Description: Industrial Building Battle: Heavy Gunfire, Voices, Alarm In Background; Alarms, Battle Ambiences, Rifle Firing

Description: Medium Group Of Soldiers Engaged In Sword Battle Soldiers;Swords;Miscellaneous Weapons & Military

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