Description: Claymore Antipersonnel Mine; One Sharp Low Blast With Echo Roll Off And Debris Fall At Tail. Close Up Perspective. Explosion.

Description: Warfare Battle Axe Throw Impact Human Body.

Description: Tomahawk: Scalping Sequence; Quick Shing Of Scalp Cut Followed By A Rip And Blood Drips. Close Perspective. Ax, Hatchet.

Description: Missile Launch and Cruise.

Description: Warfare Ninja Star Throwing Star Martial Arts Impact Wood.

Description: Tomahawk: Impacts ( 2x ); Two Heavy, Wet Swing / Impacts With Blood Splats. Close Perspective. Ax, Hatchet.

Description: The sound of a single gunshot.

Description: Warfare Submarine Sonar Ping Military Single Military.

Description: Warfare Whip Crack Bullwhip Whoosh Impact Snap Reverb.

Description: Large Slow Motion Gun Shot, Weapon Explosions & Bombs