Description: Tear Gas Canister Hits Metal Floor And Rolls, X2.

Description: Hanging Rope, Elements X 3; ( 1 ) Rope Swish; ( 2 ) Rope Tenses; ( 3 ) Rope Swing-creaks.

Description: Warfare Martial Arts Ninja Star Throw Whip Spin Twirl.

Description: Warfare Ninja Star Throwing Star Martial Arts Impact Human Flesh.

Description: Whip Lashes, Multiple; Fast Multiple Whip Swishes And Reverberant Cracks. - Air Swish.

Description: Explosive Gun Shot, Double Attack, Weapon Explosions & Bombs

Description: Sword Shing 4; Sword Runs Against Each Other.

Description: Stereo sound effect recording of a gun shot.

Description: Many Soldiers Running Over Dirt Surface, Minor Phasing Soldiers

Description: Warfare Rocket Launch 01.