Description: Revolutionary War Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Gunfire, Explosions Historical Ambiences

Description: Large Medieval Battle: Sword And Armour Clanks, Horses Ambience Historical Ambiences

Description: Old Civil War Battle Ambience: Troops, Heavy Gunfire, Drums, Semi-Distant Perspective; Battle Ambiences, Rifle Foley

Description: Large Army And Battle Implements Roll Up, Draw And Fire, Impacts, Hand To Hand Clash, Crossbows Fire And Impact Miscellaneous Weapons & Military

Description: Vietnam: Gunfire, Explosions, Helicopter Ambience Historical Ambiences

Description: Roman Battalion March: Grass Surface, Metal Armour, Swords Soldiers

Description: Large Soldier Troop: Marching; Soldiers

Description: Gulf War: Gunfire, Explosions, Jet Pass Bys Ambience Historical Ambiences

Description: Gun Battle: Automatic And Semi Automatic Gunfire Battle Ambiences

Description: Flame Thrower, Weapon, Fire; Digiffects; Flame Throwers

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