Description: Romantic dreamy relationship sounding track for film of television. Harp and synth voices create an interesting melodic relationship while strings add a distant bed of harmony. Romantic young to thirty something drama. Corporate or Commercial Branding, Mystery, Science and research documentaries. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Ethereal Music

Description: This tune was written by piano, acoustic guitar, english horn and kept the music editor. Has a relaxed, dreamy and relaxing.

Description: tormented interiors, painful scenes

Description: This is a bundle of 10 of my chemistry reactions. It can be used in a medieval or a modern, fantasy or realistic contexts, and will perfectly illustrate your footage of explosive chemical reactions. A chemist opens a cork bottle and pours it's content, a background of bubbling equipment from the lab, swooshes and swishes, explosions, whistling steam, liquids being poured, etc. etc. Perfect for your films, documentaries and video games.

Description: Creature Animal Bird Bat Fly Leather Wing Flap Big Slow Wings Flapping, Pitched Down Two Octaves

by Vivacelli | wav | 2:02 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Magical

Description: Adventures in the Heavenly Waves. Excellent support for games, videos, movies.

Description: This is the background sound of a chemistry lab. We can hear, bubbling liquids, chemical reactions, swishes and swooshes, boiling, the sound of a fire place etc. etc. It can be used in a medieval, modern, fantasy or real life contexts. Perfect for your films documentaries and your video games !

Description: Alien animals stereo - Recorded with Sony PCM D50.

Description: Creature Monster Beast Sleep Breathe Snore Monster Sleeping, Snoring, Pitched Down Two Octaves

Description: Creature Monster Beast Smack Lip Mouth Eat Monster Smacking Lips, Pitched Down One Octave

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