Description: Sound of a magical fire crackling and burning.

Description: This is one sound from a collection of scary sounds featuring some ominous weather features, low deep end, vehicles moving or rain falling down. The horror collection for your video or audio project.

Description: Sounds and sound impulses bounce and produce almost magical air

Description: Undefined voices, signals,strange animals or sounds.

Description: Passages of mysterious entities

Description: Floating whales emit their recalls both in the sea and in a cosmic space. Great for fantasy movies as well.

Description: Mysterious appearance, magical and shining

Description: Flapping and hissing from multiple fantasy winged serpents.

Description: This is the background sound of a chemistry lab. We can hear, bubbling liquids, chemical reactions, swishes and swooshes, boiling, the sound of a fire place etc. etc. It can be used in a medieval, modern, fantasy or real life contexts. Perfect for your films documentaries and your video games !

Description: A giant walking tree creaks along with footstep thuds.

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