Description: A soundscape of a medieval port / harbour. Waves rolling in, a blacksmith working, ship ropes creaking.

Description: binaural daytime park atmosphere with distant cars and birds.

Description: ambient sound of afternoon traffic in northridge california.

Description: Light, cheery birds. Open park. Clean background. Stereo recording.

Description: Train pass by with fat horn. Followed by more blasts as it tails away. Stereo. Field recording.

Description: Large crowd walla. Milling or lining up. Outside a concert or like upscale event. Stereo.

Description: Walking down Euston Road, London on a weekday morning (From Euston station to St Pancras) with traffic and people and footstep sounds

Description: Authentic cow hands rounding up cattle off/on a feedlot truck.

Description: Live stereo recording of downtown sidewalk ambience. Footsteps, voices with background air. Not a loop.

Description: General ambience of an English city main street (Chester)