Description: General ambience from Oxford Street, London, England. With people, voices, traffic, busses, sirens etc

Description: General ambience from near the flamingos at Chester Zoo, England with people and crowds etc

Description: Walking through a small North Wales market town (Mold) on a Saturday morning with people and traffic

Description: The ambiance of a working waterfront that does not seem to be working very hard.

Description: Exterior. People milling about. Waiting, City. Murmur of voices with some mvt.

Description: If you need a construction background with a nice stereo feel and feeling of activity and movement to build on, this will cut through at the right volume level. All original recording. Stereo.

Description: This is a sound effect of a city traffic jam

Description: exterior town park ambience, slight road noise and birds in background

Description: Lite, cheery birds. Wide stereo. Clean background.

Description: Active construction site with voices, hammering, a truck starting up etc. Stereo.