Description: Morning birds on Oahu. Stereo field recording.

Description: Wide perspective abandoned city open lot in stereo. Light bird, occasional crow overhead. Distant city hum. Distant car by.

Description: Large crowd walla. Milling or lining up. Outside a concert or like upscale event. Stereo.

Description: General ambience from Piccadilly Circus, London with people, crowds and traffic

Description: Walking down Euston Road, London on a weekday morning (From Euston station to St Pancras) with traffic and people and footstep sounds

Description: Gentle cicadas and a distant crow. Stereo.

Description: Summer in a suburban garden, birds, with distant people and church bells

Description: Authentic cow hands rounding up cattle off/on a feedlot truck.

Description: Sound of Birmingham market traders selling their wares at a outdoor market. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: exterior town ambience, people in background