Description: Church bells ringing loud, then slowly decreasing in volume, with urban ambience

Description: A wide open field or playground with lots of voices from a perspective. Stereo.

Description: Church bells ringing, St Just, Cornwall, UK

Description: Steady, chattering layered crickets and cicada like bugs. Night or day. Recorded in Asia but good for many countries. Nice stereo feel.

Description: Light, cheery birds. Open park. Clean background. Stereo recording.

Description: Very light, sweet sounding bird chirp. Mono.

Description: An ambient city sound recorded from a distance.

Description: Young people exterior, chatting, talking, laughing. Upbeat. Male and female. 20 something year olds. Some distant traffic. Stereo.

Description: Quiet night on a lake at night, with close and distant frogs and crickets creating a serene ambience.

Description: This is a low level background that can be raised to the desired level. It consists of a very light wind presence from a remote area far from the city. Stereo. Field recording.