Description: Heavy Fire Rumble With Light Crackling Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

Description: Sound effect recording of several sirens as well as a helicopter approaching in response to an emergency. This mid/side stereo recording can be converted to mono without phase problems.

Description: Fire Truck, In with Continuous Siren Wind-down, Stop Cu, Idle, Off, Door Open and Close.

Description: Emergency Alarm Burglar Security System Beeps Loop.

Description: Crackling Camp Fire: Light Airy Crackle, Light Birds, Insects In Background; Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences, Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

Description: Car Approach, Skid, Crash And Roll, Explode And Burn Car Crashes

Description: Small Camp Fire: Slow Wood Burn, Crackle Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames

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