Description: Prison Or Hospital Visiting Area; Large Crowd Mixed Voices With Crying Babies And Kids Yelling; Medium Distant Perspective.

Description: Prison Mess Hall; Large Crowd Busy Male Voices In A Large Cafeteria With Light Background Activity, Time Bell Rings; Medium Perspective.

Description: Prison Ambience: Doors Open And Close, Voices, Ventilation; Prison Doors

Description: Prison Block; Large Busy Male Crowd, Voices And Milling With Male Pager In Large Reverberant Hall; Medium Distant Perspective.

Description: Door, Cell Door, Prison, Locking, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Prison Doors

Description: Yard Walla, Voices Miscellaneous Ambiences

Description: Police Station Jail Cell, W Cu Guard Walla, Active Walla In Background, Light Activity.

Description: Old Prison Ambience; Vintage Recording; Miscellaneous Ambiences; Male Only Voices; Bells; Buzzers; Office Ambiences; Police Equipment

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