Description: This SFX pack contains beeps that can be used to censor or bleep out profanity, swear words, etc. There are many different beeps / bleeps included to fit your needs.

Description: Sound effect (SFX) recording of a record being scratched by the turn table's needle.

Description: very fast arpeggio - good for slot machines, winner, alert, alarm.

Description: Sound effect recording of a professional DSLR camera shutter snapping as a photograph is taken.

Description: Light Tv Static, Static, Televisions

Description: Television; Football Game With Announcer, Crowd And Players. From Close.

Description: Loop ready sound effect recording of television or tv static. Also works for radio static or radio communication noise.

Description: Constant television static / white noise.

Description: Computer screen type effect beeps.

Description: Computerized "victory/level up" themed sound effect. Great for puzzle & 2D type video games.

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