Description: Futz Radio: Radio Hash And Static With Some Pointed Lines Distinguishable. Spanish At Tail. Dual.

Description: Old Analog Radio Tuning Across Dial; Vintage Recording; Radios; Tuning & Tuners

Description: Radio Scanning, Hum Of Voices, Spain; Digiffects; Radios; Tuning & Tuners; World Ambiences; Spain

Description: 1970S Pocket Transistor Radio: Static Radios;Static

Description: 1940S Philco Tabletop Tube Radio: Static And Hum Radios;Static

Description: 1950S Rca Globetrotter Floor Standing Radio: Static And Buzz Radios;Static

Description: Lots of rising and falling harmonics. Also good for outer space effects.

Description: Loop ready sound effect recording of static coming through an old radio.

Description: Am Radio, Scan, Noice, 4 Versions, Radio, Scanning; Digiffects; Radios; Tuning & Tuners

Description: Tuning Across Dial, Static Radios;Tuning & Tuners

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